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My Favorite Road Trip Travel Things…


  1. A leash: (of course!) Two of them actually! One will get wet or dirty and it is nice to have an extra.
  2. Water bowl: I really believe that stainless steel is one the healthiest bowls for dogs to use. But I also I like this silicone collapsible water bowls to throw in your bag for a walk.
  3. Dog Treats: You could have guessed I take ours. ;)
  4. Bed: I like using a Kuranda bed .
  5. Bath Products: Shampoo, a comb, and a towel (or several).
  6. Tie-out: Something to consider taking depending on where you are going.
  7. Canned Pumpkin & Can Opener: Traveling can sometimes give a dog an upset stomach. Canned pumpkin is a simple and natural way to help them. I use a Kitchenaid can opener because Kitchenaid products are made in our hometown but any would do!
  8. Poop Bags: Yep, A dog owner must!
  9. Other recommended things: A copy of your dog’s health records from their vet & their rabies tag.


I hope this list makes your travels just a bit easier!





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